Playing it right- Samaa and The Fusion Project

Music has always inspired people to do great things. While on one side while some DJs continue to put Bollywood songs in playlist and play it for big events without any shame there is another set of musicians who are creatively turning the tide with their mashups and Fusion music.At a time when there is a lot of crap on the internet this ones will leave you with few smiles

The Indian youtube has grown multi-folds in a very small frame of time and we now have many YouTube superstars who are into comedy,music,short movies,web series etc.Vidhya Vox is one among them who rose to great heights with her mashups of Hindi and English song.

Recently we came across two groups who have their unique style of mashup and you have to watch out for these groups in future.They are putting a lot of effort into their mashups and you dont want to miss it.when someone works hard it shows and any appreciation can help them

The Fusion Project

These guy have a their own style in presenting music and you will enjoy it if you have a little interest in classical music.They have the classical version of the cover "Closer". Well shot video too to add to that which compliments the music well.Have a look this fusion works

This group has a mashup of two songs (Fix you and teri ore) for their first gig. Even though no yawning and  improvising on the video in future video an help them a lot.  Do hear it and leave your comments as your support can motivate them to come up with great content in the future

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