Audition Update 4443

Auditions are something that everyone should be part of if you want to learn, grow your contacts or watch how some actors come live in front of the camera. Their dedication to their craft shows when their voice breaks the ceiling or emotions dry your eyes or they make you laugh with their comic timing. How good are you is not important in an audition, sometimes the roles available in the script also gets importance. You do your job of showcasing your talent and leave the rest to the jury.

Jury goes through all the footage's, the marks provided on the date, the varied emotions each person can carry and the relevance of the character in the script. If not the main characters where can we push this good character in our film is also a important discussion that goes through.When it finally boils down to too many talents it is very hard to choose the best among them and a shortlist will be created so that the roles be finalized once they talk to them based on availability for shoot or problems associated with each character.We went through the same process.

Our aim was to give a opportunity for everyone so if you have any objections once the discussions are over you are always welcome to choose whats right for you. But it is important to have a discussion and decide so that we keep the rapport going

Full List

Many did mistakes in their application form and by not sharing their details in video which means you will be called around for some details which you will have to provide. Here is the list of all such

Follow the steps given below if your name is mentioned above

1. create a 40 second video of your acting
2. send it to the no 7349448457 through whats-app
3. send your details serial number and name only (if we receive any photos we will reject it)
4.check your name in the next shortlist