Muslim and Hindu fight it out - watch and decide

This is the exact kind of title that our politicians throw out in the open and get going in their AC cars and have a good sleep in their homes. And the aam admi starts to leave in a fear thinking this is true and things go haywire. But as everyone getting educated politicians are not realising the reality -religion politics is a thing of the past.'

While some of us were taking a nap on the holiday and some taking trips exploring the city.On August 15th there was a great sight that we missed to see. I could not just one flag waving high which everyone stood still with pride in their face and respect in their heart A country that achieved its freedom when people stood together as one irrespective of caste, creed or religion.And on Independence day RJ Naved did a social experiment which is really inspiring and makes you proud as a Indian. This is the reality on the ground, the real India. But questions also arises if we should be doing this to understand that at the end of the day we will stand next to each other to find for the right cause. Good job Naved.

.                                                                     Freedom is togetherness                                                                                         

Here is the link for the video:- Naved facebook page