Taking the silk route-Startup

"Ara he left his job and doing some app"
"More than one year he is saying he has started a company. I don't see anyone using it"
"Every time he talks something related to his startup I stopped talking to him oly"
After friend gets funding
"Ara he is my very close friend yaar...We keep meeting up"
"Ara his crappy app got investments? I can do a 100 apps better than that. They are going to loose all their money"
After he turns super rich
Friend applies for a job in his friends company

We all are busy reading, talking and cursing about the people who got investments for their startup. And we end up just talking while some people just go past and succeed. There are some serious issues startup founders face as they start which helps them understand people more than ever.And how others can understand this and take it up to support these wonderful creatures.

The beginning

When you start you tell your idea to your closest friends. And they will definitely say it is a nice idea and give extra ideas too if they are little open minded. Then it all begins to crumble as you get more involved in the idea.You start discussing more and more on the idea with your close friend who is more interested in checking which concert is this weekend than your idea.As times passes he is going to get really irritated and tries to escape meeting you. It is not his fault as for you it is interesting but it is just not his area of interest and you are now forcing it on him 

Wait for few days

As you start developing your app / company you get no time to meet him also anyway and they ll be happy now that the weekends don't go waste with a startup discussion and you are also not bothered mostly as you are too busy doing sales and promotion work for your Company. Now as days go by you start having one or two friends who might be involved with you or are there genuinely to support you.
While at this same time your old friends meet up and talk about how jobless you are and how you think you have a great idea that can change the world
You just keep going as your family and some friend will still back you and you make a new set of friends too

A year passed
Your parents still support you because they want you to be successful anyway. Your friends do too but not at the expense of their time. They too have their own personal problems going on while you have both personal and professional. Now you are in heavy pressure to show results before everyone starts mocking at you. They do mock at you then because the product you have look the worst and doesn't have any hope
You start to meet new friends who are into startups and now things start getting better. Now you are hit rock bottom and now you need just one client who can buy your product at least so that you can tell someone. But guess what you wont or if you find one he will make your life hell
You discover a Gold mine

Right when you have lost you will find hope right there. It is all about one question 'Are you going to give up or just keep going'.

You just are in a position now where nothing has gone right and no one wants your product. Be positive and happy because you have experienced your first failure, which is said to be the stepping stone for many other failures. Now see why did you fail than giving up and you you will realize that that problem can be solved

Step by step you start

Start solving the problem one at a time for one client at a time. Don't charge or do it for free if needed because you have a place to test it out now. Give a call to the fellow startup friend and collaborate. Resolve the problems the client has in the working prototype.Get a marketing company like mine www.sensationfilm.com and build a product demo video. (Internal marketing completed lols). 
Now you are all set to go my friend. Start meeting small clients and start business. Do heavy research on the market, question yourself sitting in a clients chair and get the answers ready, build up your confidence on the product, spend some time with your girlfriend(not irritating ones :p...and if you have one at this time ). When you go fully prepared like this your client has only one thing to do understand the product and how does it add up to his business growth.

You are there

Roads to success are always the tough ones. There were times when people crossed the silk route to do business here and if you visit the place you will know exactly what a silk route meant. You can see your goal ahead but you have no shortcuts but a very narrow twisted road. You will lose a lot in the way but it is up-to you to host a concert one day where your friend proudly walks in saying " the guy who hosted this concert is my friend and he started his company while we all were having a drink together". And it is time for you get ready for a few interviews on your struggle to the top and you have your first failure to have a awesome start to your interview
These are from my personal experiences  and experiences I collected from a few very successful people who dared to take the risk and are venturing into various cities now walking proudly with their head held high as Business man. Business people do not care about gossips but honest opinions, leave the gossips for the other IT people. I did fall when I chose to get friends involved in business and that lesson has today motivated me and have come so far and expanded my services to 4 states so far without any funding. This is the best feeling as what I started out to be is now becoming a reality and I am more ready to face it now than before.

Now time to get your friend to start working on his dreams. Do not fund him at any cost because he will fail, All the best to all the wonderful geeks who r making the coffee houses rich and robbing their WiFi to start a multi million dollar companies. If you are successful and  this article has helped you can donate me any amount by cheque, cash, gifts anything, all options available :D lols.I am not that successfull yet but happy to follow my passion www.sensationfilm.com. All the best :)