Inspirational 4 - Talent Galore

Dear golf,
Please forgive me I do not understand you nor the things you do but please do something and make Adithi Ashok your closest friend for a day

Ara who is Adithi Ashok now?  Sindhu, Deepa, Sakshi and now Adithi?. Thats what my friend had to ask me when I told that we might win another medal tomorrow other than Sindhu.Yes Adithi Ashok is making history already by being in the final and she has her eyes on that medal. She is into golf a sport which is not cricket but still involves a bat and a ball.There will be no sixes and fours but ball will be hit really hard in the air.

 I dint understand anything that happened there but at the end they showed she is tied at 8th or something and is in final round.I hope she also gets it and this year we can see all women team coming back with medals and taking selfies everywhere while Shobha de(who is she?) Prepares her next stupid tweets.

Also it shows how much we know our own athletes, half of these athletes names were not even known to half the population here. Saina was someone we expected to get us a medal but she got injured and then a few of us realized there is a hidden gem called Sindhu who can do the job with a coach who looks like a 20 year old but a legend. Sakshi is from a state where having a girl child is still believed to be a curse and now it all changes. Deepa was once deemed unfit for gymnastics as she had a flat foot but today she does the worlds most dangerous maneuver.They made up their minds,worked hard,dint ask for attention and concentrated on the job in hand to make their country proud. And did they do it? Hmmm

Sakshi, Sindhu, Aditi and Deepa are four names which are in everyone talk of in India when you talk about Olympics. This will inspire a positive change in the country and we will now see more women leading from front in the sports arena.Only problem will be the governance and our education system which needs to be restructured to support more talented people like this. No matter what the world says the most parents today support their children to do whatever they want. But how much are we supporting our athletes? For example the case of  Shanthi

These 4 girls have made Indians sit and watch Olympics when a cricket match is underway. Going forward Indian team will have lot of female athletes who will follow the footsteps of these inspiring people. All we have to do is support these people because they are not just getting a medal but adding colors to one name INDIA