JIO fun on twitter..kya IDEA hai Jio

It is a Ala re moment for the telecom sector this month. A clean wash across their face and they know it because in 5 minutes they felt it. 1000's of crores down the drain and I say good job what ever did it. But at least Airtel will now learn overpricing will not do any good nor showing range in mountains. or with dogs like Vodafone does. Reliance did it with OIL.Reliance introduced JIO, a oil that will drive data to the masses with the lowest fares in the world. Every hater of Ambani just got a free jio sim for sure and will use the same to abuse the person again when the network sucks

 But twitter always gets the best of every event. And as soon as the announcement was made twitter got into work mode and here are some of the funny ones

Whatever the hype is it has taught other that they gotta understand the word FREE .Reliance usually keeps up with their bad network reputation. Ever heard of "karlo duniya mutti mein?". Years after that hardly anyone has a reliance phone.I hope this idea from Reliance goes well as the access to the internet is the future and when we get more involved, The country can move forward faster