Our IAS Officers IAS Chandrakala and IAS Deepak Rawat in action. Must watch

Every kid once dreamt of Being a IAS officer.
Movies portrayed them doing amazing stuff and the power they hold.
Lakhs of people want to serve the nation and write the exams every year

Only the top students of the country get the benefit of holding this power which can bring down any politician down.But the times we see today most IAS officers are happily joining with politicians and work with them on mutual benefit basis. Of coarse some are killed in action when they go against big people.These people are the only ones who can bring most of the problem s down when they are effective in their work and they will have to work smart on that. Here we found few videos of some really strong IAS officers and we thought these Men and Women needs more support from us to continue what they do. You will be proud of them when you see it completely. When other media outlets are busy with murders and deaths , we got to share this for good

IAS B Chandrakala

This lady has the wit and aggression that is much needed. She doesn't fear and is quite famous already

IAS Deepak Rawat

He is doing the right thing here and taking the concerned into questioning and we can see some mouth shut responses from doctors who are selling lives for personal benefit

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