Loose weight with Green Tea- Scam

The biggest scam run in today's world is this

Green tea heavy health benefits 

I wondered on how green tea was going to reduce weight as my resolution was to loose weight. I cleared my new resolution but never sipped a single cup of green tea.Also realised what a scam green tea is.i used a secret recipe to reduce weight with no gym,no green tea,no surgery,no pills just one thing.

Green tea is sold saying it has health benifits. Only health benefit that worked is for tea brands learnt to sell tea for higher price in name of health.i even talked to tea sellers and growers,they have no idea how. No one absolutely no one can prove it helps reduce weight or has such health impact.actually it can be toxic if done wrong.
Loose weight:- no one has lost weight because of green tea,just illusion.

Have more, it's toxic
Made of high antioxidents, natural compounds like tannins and flavonoids.having more than 2 cups a day this is toxic and can cause damage to liver.i have seen people drinking heavy to reduce weight,be carefull.
Early morning empty stomach this can affect stomach balance.drink more water u can loose weight 3 times more than green tea. 

No Nooo
You cannot have green tea in following cases
-on empty stomach (affects stomach balance)
-after meals(can dilute gastric juices)
-late night (can increase stress and change sleep pattern)

When is it good to have then?🙄

Ok follow this steps and the you will save 200+ calories everyday using green tea.

Step1:- search for a store 3 Kms away.
Step2:- walk there and get a pack of green tea
Step3:- open the pack of green tea 
Step4:- mix with water and sugar 
Step5:- throw it down the sink
Step6:- note the brand that's trying to kill you
Step7:- don't buy green tea again,get 2 litre bottle of water for less price than green tea
What u need to do is use the method I did..increase water intake..hydrate Ur body than fill it with caffeine in the name of weight loss

My views r my views, Ur views please share. Because to make u believe I can throw random scientific stuff and sell things. I make money ,u die ...just saying