Humanity lost in Olympics - Indian denied justice

Rio and Olympics what a perfect combination for the travellers. One of the worlds biggest event and top athletes from around the world taking a step ahead to make their countries proud. Big laurels,pride, wealth, movies at stake for them when they hit the ground on the biggest day of their lives. All the hard work, dedication, competitions, sacrifice will be put to the ultimate test. While a few come out with flying colours others bow out keeping their heads high to get ready and put more effort next time until they make their country proud.South African intersex athlete Caster Semenya and Indian Athlete Dutee Chand positively testified for Hyperandrogenism are two amongst them. Such a proud moment for them to represent their country.

At the same time a lady named Shanthi Soundarajan is working in a brick kiln questioning her existence. Her wage only 200/day and her struggle, hard work in vain. She wanted to make her country proud while people were busy sharing all the propaganda's around about the world. She stood proudly with a silver medal in hand when the Indian flag rose in the Asian Games just like she did when she got 12 other international medal to the nation. But then why is she not in Rio?

Interesting is what it is when things happen in India. She was tested positive for Hyperandrogenism but unlike chand and semenya she was barred and rejected for the reason. She has a question on how two others are facing the world in Rio because of the new medical laws and support of their country,  while her records are being stripped off from all official records at the same time here. Is it because she is poor?  Or is it because she doesn't know enough politicians?  Or maybe it is because our tv channels do not have time for our athletes?.

She had no option but to tell the world herself through a video and we hate it when our Olympians have to come down to this after achieving so much for the country

Today, Dutee Chand & Caster Semenya runs, thanks to new laws , medical research and with the support of their country. Unfortunately, Shanthi cannot. It's too late.But its not too late to stand up for her. Thappad( has been trying to get justice to her and we support this petition. All you have to do is take just 2 minutes of your time and support the cause showing other athletes we are with them not only doing the Olympics but care about our proud athletes.Please sign the petition and help a athlete

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