Water Wars :- I am right and I have the right

                                                        Okay we have our right
                                                        We have our right also
                                                        They hit our people
                                                        No they hit our guy first
                                                        I want to drink water
                                                        I have enough to drink but agriculture is important

Wtf is this. Stop this...he hit so i hit and the people who are suffering are our own people on both sides who have gone to get a livelihood for themselves.Both states are known for peace and so most have made it their home and suddenly we turn the whole page into a nightmare?. No one is saying dont protest for your rights but for Gods sake keep it peaceful and dont force anyone to fight for it.

You feel peaceful protest doesn't help. It does effect heavily and makes more impact,everyday IT companies in both the state loose millions in revenue because of closing their doors. Which means it will create heavy pressure on the govt in present to keep these organisations to stay back and stop the protest or else the Multinationals look for other peaceful options. You burning down govt property is the easiest thing for the govt as they can buy another with your own tax money and make some extra cash for themselves in the process again. Be humans and reach your goals like humans.Both states dont want this but a few are making everyone get in trouble. I dont think any Tamilian has been hurt in karnataka as people have not targeted people like the the media shows.

First of all remember this is not a political or situational issue.  This is a reality issue where both states have concentrated more on giving freebies than providing basic necessities to their statesmen. If you think practically Cauvery water is going to dry up one fine day and then who will fight what?.It is going to dry up it is not a myth.

Present and ex CMs of TN has all the money in the world to throw away freebies they dint have money to build a few desalination plants? it is up to the people to pressure the states to build desalination plants.TN has enough resources to do this, when you can throw away tv's, Laptops, idlis as freebies during vote I think desalination plants are like peanuts.If you think it cant be ask this guy Manoj Bhargav . On the long run If vote bank politics concentrates on this there is no question of asking water or giving water.TN has two monsoons extending till December while Karnataka has only till September. where the hell is all the water going?  Why isnt measures taken to store it?.Is agriculture so important than people having drinking water in our country? By the way this is nt the problem with TN but Karnataka has the same problem up North.And we are taking TN position with Goa for water.

Karnataka politicians also were more worried about the vote bank and construction projects which they take up to rent out to IT companies and make money in one stretch. When Goa refused to give water you did the same and now you cant say Cauvery is mine. When we need water we demand it and when others do the same with us we loose it. When our CM decided to divert Mangalore lifeline river Netravathi no one said anything.So what bout drinking water for mangalore ppl?This is your planning sir? If Karnataka really feels there will be drought why the hell did our lawyers say they will give 10 tmc in first place and ignite violence here in Bangalore? We should be having the worst lawyers here as they lost both cases with TN and Goa and couldn't show the drought situation.One said let the water goto TN other even better, Let it go-to OCEAN

This is a pure case of urbanisation without planning by the two states. When it was peaceful one i have joined myself as I also drink the same water but when it gets rascal no one wants to be part of it.You are failing the whole cause itself when the protest is not peaceful. No matter what the farmers are facing in TN when it comes to drinking water I am on the right side. You think there are no farmers in Karnataka?. There is no right or wrong in anyone's case here as everyone in this county has right on everything.And both sides feel they are being attacked without reason.Congress has one last grave to dig with their sleeping CM and TN madam Idli in your outlets is not as important as water. Kuch karo because this will go on forever as you have now made it too big to resolve.  Celebrities your real faces are now coming out forget your filmy dialogues : D.And whatever celebrities say is getting hammered both places. Media is adding a disclaimer and slowly setting fire at the same time. There is no need of bundh for the state just beat down the people circulating wrong rumours, old videos etc.

End of the day Water wars are going to grow big and who is to blame? Same old congress. Why? go back to Vajpayee govt plan to have nationalised riverfront and distribution of water. What happened to it? That was the best idea ever to join all rives to south.Centrally controlled module for equal distribution. Think about Cauvery water future from this graph

IGNORE THIS FOR NOW until final report comes:- Busses burnt(always KPN busses only). Have you ever wondered why only KPN buses get burnt in every protest? and how come all the busses were parked in one place without any security or other property nearby?.Recent investigations have revealed that the KPN officials only did this for insurance money as the busses were already 7 years old. video Link news link