Jio reality test - Jio vs Airtel 4G

It was said to be revolutionary

It was said to be free

It was said to give you 20 mbps speed

It was said to be Oil for data

Reality is not as good as it was said. "log toh kehte hai kehna uska kaam hai". The data plans for Jio tells the real story where you will be asked to pay the hefty data prices of a minimum 500 and 50/Gb is still a myth.Millions queuing up for the repackaged data plan which is nothing but the same thing in all other networks.Only thing you should be happy after getting a Jio sim is 3 months toh "karlo duniya mutti mein".We got a opportunity to test the network for real and it was nothing impressive if it was not free. Here is the speed we got with Jio wifi device

And here is the speed of Airtel 4G in the same phone

We dint understand what was so great about it as 1gb in airtel costs 150 now and Jio is free for 3 months or else it would have been 500.This is just the speed we got from the device and this is just our opinion.But Jio definitely put the telecom companies to rethink their strategies and consumer wins again in this.