Hello welcome everyone to our new blog section of Sensation Films.This is for all those passionate writers who want to get their views across and share their stories. Here you can interact with our writers, actors and Entrepreneurs and get inputs, learn,  suggestions at the same time that might help you in what you do.This will be a forum for writers and if it helps you in any way Great!!.We always wanted to do this as we believe in bringing real stories to life and share across. Before we start here is a few details on our new website Sensation Films

    Sign Up

The big advantage of our new website is the sign up options. Not everyone has to do it but only for Film-makers and others in the same field. It will be a great addition on your journey and we will give more details once we set it up for you and get the process in place

     Sensit Shop

This is a new eCommerce space we are adding to the new website and looking forward to provide the best services we can.You can rent or Buy based on teh requirement. Additional purchase options will be opening up soon as we are looking to provide the best pricing in the industry with all the resources available to us. If it is worth it go for it, we will be happy to help you

   Darkroom Show

Actors from our youtube show "The Darkroom Show" will also be taking part in this and so you can interact directly with them too. .Darkroom show will be soon come live as the shoot is underway. if you do not know what we are talking we get it because we lost track of it too for some time but we are now back in action(that is what we think :D). Do not shy away they have too much free time anyway and looking forward to hear their well wishers and critics.So do send your thoughts so they can improvise


This is again a section where Film-makers get the full advantage in their work. We will provide various resources that can help you in knowing the workflow better and learn. Will open up once you sign up

Good Reads

As we go along we will start sharing more and more on the details of our journey and the techniques involved in the process from our professional panel.Learning is the ultimate way to success and we believe in sharing our experiences too. If you are a writer and want to share your stories please get in touch with us,  we are looking forward to get more people on-board who are passionate about writing. Small opportunity from us might help your career and we would love to see you grow. End of the day we will write about your journey too. Keep writing and have a great day.

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