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That sounds like a new portal to some and WOT box for some. If you dint get the WOT no worries it is one of those future words which will get added to dictionary from Twitter shortcut. Don’t think much now,you will doing a WOT now.

Anyway twitter has come a long way since it was just a startup to a corporation working with governments to change the private lives of some public people. Actually we love twitter as it is fun, You can share stuff across the world, news in short and there are 140 words only. If you really want to date a girl apply this rule in real life conversations. Wouldn’t it be nice!! wah!!

So twitter is all nice they don't do anything bad to anyone or have any competition. So twitter got cool as they had re tweets, mentions, hashtags etc. What innovation and ideas isn't it?. Why are we doing this episode then if we love Twitter? Yeah why?

Sometimes when corporations grow in size they become evil and lose their roots not because they are born like that but the human nature when they see lot of cash in one place. You know what happened. Twitter would not have been anywhere without the Hashtags, the retweets and the mentions. It would have been just a scrap box. Who do you think created these things?

Lols if you thought it was Twitter employees forget it you are going hear something shocking. It was created by some freelance developers who made twitter into a community and without them it wouldn't have reached here. When the company went public they should have got some loyalty bonus right. no As far as we have heard they got nothing and twitter dint even think of giving them a single dollar as they did charity and can survive using their brains to develop other technologies out there. Next they will find something that suits their charity of choice no?

So what you ask? This is exactly how people charge for everything. When they don't get what they deserve they realize in this world there is nothing that works on trust and the whole essence of community is a stupid thing. Encouraging the deserving is never a bad thing so give them what they deserve they helped you grow Twitter.

And the things we say on the video we mean it. It is really annoying at times. So go ahead enjoy madi

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Source:- CNBC

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