E-commerce in Food - can be called illegal in India

Ok you got a brilliant idea and you want to do a startup now and you think that food is what you like. You start a eCommerce website and app registering the local food vendors, Cool!!. The next thing is that you can be called as illegal.Why?

Where is your research?(I went through the same)

Most of the eCommerce startups are in the same category, so chill. Here is what you should do and why.

Why Illegal?
You might have registered your company but still you have no idea that you have to be registered under the FSSAI ACT 2006FSSAI Chairman had a few things to say and he was very clear about it, even though there are lot of other issues they ignore. They want you to do the registration first. He said that there is no way you can escape this saying we are just technology providers for the existing food items

You are a online directory or wholesaler or retailer or you do both storing and selling you have to get the license from FSSAI. This is a positive move if you take consumers as the food quality will now be in check but as a startup and new registrations every day ,It sucks.

I am just sharing this so that if any of you are planning please know the basic things so that once you make money the politicians don’t run your business J

Here is the steps if you need to register your food business

1.Food License from FSSAI (Food Safety & Standards Authority of India) you would require individual licenses from FSSAI for the Delivery Boys/Vehicle, if any.
2.Eating house license: This is provided by Licensing Police Commissioner of that city.
3.Fire Department: Fire safety license from Fire department.
4.NOC from local Municipal corporation
5. Register your business name and bank accounts
6. You also have to get a Commercial Vehicle License from
     RTO in your city.

7. If you do not have Food Business Operating License,
then you need to get a shop and establishment license from FSSAI India.

8.Insurance for the vehicle and mobile kitchen equipment’s.

9.If you are still interested awesome you have reached level 9. 

Now time to work and gimme some gift vouchers :)